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Curriculum Statement

National Curriculum and Assessment Requirements


All year groups follow the National Curriculum. Within all Key Stages there are detailed programmes of study and attainment targets for all subjects. There is expected progression for each year group as they work towards the end of Key Stage objectives. We have used the National Curriculum and Target Tracker statements to ensure that all children receive strong curriculum coverage in all areas. 

Statutory subjects are: Mathematics, English and Science

Foundation subjects are: Art & Design, Computing (formerly known as Information Technology), Music, History, Geography and Physical Education.  Schools must also deliver PSHCE and RE.


At Backworth Park Primary School we deliver our curriculum using a cross-curricular approach towards teaching and learning, through topics.  Skills, knowledge and understanding across a range of subjects are brought together and linked to form an overall ‘topic’. Within the topic, our children are able to practise and apply their reading, mathematics and English skills within other subject areas. 

Please visit the Class Pages links to see what our pupils are learning and how.  

Classteachers send out copies of their Half Termly Topic Webs  and newsletters to parents, and upload their planning to the Class Pages, so that parents are kept up-to-date with what is being covered and how they can help their child's learning at home. 


Assessment: Assessment is an on-going process throughout a child's school life, combining both teacher assessment of a child's skills and test outcomes at appropriate key points. Assessment is a part of every day classroom activities, where learning intentions are shared with children within lessons.  Previously children's progress was measured in 'levels'; from September 2015, a child's attainment and progress is measured against the performance descriptors outlined for every year group within each Key Stage.  From Year 1 to Year 6, children are assessed as working towards, working within or working securely at the expected standard for their age. Some children will also attain a deeper knowledge and grasp of key concepts and skills and demonstrate 'mastery' within the year group expectations.

In the Summer Term Year 1 children are assessed on the Phonic Check to determine whether they had met the expected standard. In 2016 the expected standard was a score of 32+.

In May 2016 Year 2 and Year 6 children sat new externally-set written SAT tests in reading, mathematics and spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG); writing and science continued to be teacher assessed.  Year 2 tests were internally marked, with Year 6 papers being sent away for external marking.  Marks were converted into Scaled Scores, with 100 being the expected standard to attain.

In September 2015 the Government introduced a new Baseline assessment process for children at the start of their Reception year.  At the end of Reception, children's development continues to be assessed against the Early Years Foundation Stage descriptors and outcomes across 17 areas of learning.


Phonics and Reading: Backworth Park Primary School uses Read, Write, Inc supplemented by other approaches such as Letters and Sounds.  A systematic approach to targeted Phonic Phase teaching supports the children’s acquisition of core words and vocabulary and teaches them to blend and segment to read and spell words. The school uses a ‘book banded’ reading scheme. We have also purchased Accelerated Reader for Key Stage 2. 



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