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Welcome to the Dinosaurs' Class

[Currently 30 Reception children]


Have a read and a look at what Reception got up to last year!


Miss Goodwill, Mrs Whittle and Miss Dempster all form part of the Early Years Team.


All of our children settled into the routines in Lions well and have fully embraced life in 'Big School' ; their first topic was called 'Big School, Big Me', which included learning about 'Ourselves'.

Just as they did in Nursery, the children all work hard to achieve their learning targets for reading, writing and maths for each Half Term.


We have settled very well into life at "Big School" and we are fully embracing all the new learning that goes on in our class. We even featured in The Chronicle's First Class Photo section!


On the 29th September, we celebrated "International Children's Day" by playing a variety of sports and games outside and baking cakes. We also had an ice-cream treat!


We enjoyed collecting food for Harvest festival and proudly carried our tins to St. John's was locked! So, we marched back to school and took part in a Harvest Festival Service in the hall led by the Reverend France.


The annual Big Sing took place with Reception performing two songs this year. We are also planning on having a Christmas Big Sing in December.


The build up to Christmas has been exciting and glittery! Parents and families were invited to join us for Christmas crafts and had lots of fun making raggy wreaths, Christmas trees and holly hedgehogs!

We also painted ceramic Christmas decorations as well as plates.


Our Christmas performance was a success with a version of "Ssh, Santa." Well done everybody! Super singing and Oscar winning acting!


We also boogied the afternoon away during our Christmas party with the Nursery. Santa made an appearance too!


The Christmas Big Sing was another opportunity to perform our signature song "At the North Pole."


Tony Wilson visited school to tell us some Christmas and Winter stories. The children were mesmerised by his story telling skills and musical talents.


STEM week was a big hit! Reception enjoyed a range of Science activities and Miss Steel showed us how to make a range of rockets! We also made some bath bombs which did smell heavenly!


We celebrated Chinese New Year with a banquet and created a lion and dragon dance. We also looked at lots of artefacts from China and had a go at writing in Mandarin.


We had a special visit from baby Olivia and found out what a baby needs to grow and develop. We are looking forward to seeing her again!


Mr Brown and his technology gadgets were a big hit! We played with a range of problem solving games on the i-pads as well as zooming around with the remote control cars.


Children, parents and staff have all contributed to developing an indoor construction site. The children have thoroughly enjoyed using real materials to build, measure and model with.


We are looking forward to starting our Forest School within the grounds at Backworth.......we are in for some messy and dirty fun!!


The annual Easter egg hunt was an "eggciting" morning, that pesky Easter Bunny nibbled on some biscuits and left us some clues to follow. Thankfully, we found the hidden chocolate eggs........we are too good at reading Mr Bunny!


A proud moment for parents and staff was Reception's Class Assembly based on the story of "The Three Little Pigs." In the children's words they put on "a show." WELL DONE, LIONS!!!


Reception now look forward to Thursdays as we go into the woods with Chris. We have completed a litter pick and have sectioned off a safe working area within the trees. Tree climbing, den building, digging, mini-beast hunts have all been popular activities. 


Our half-term topic is "Big school, big me".

Picture 1 Phonics
Picture 2 Doctor role-play
Picture 3 Outdoor Maths
Picture 4 Thumbs up for school lunch!
Picture 5 Handwriting
Picture 6 Phonics
Picture 7 Scarf handwriting
Picture 8 Brown Bear, Brown Bear talk for writing
Picture 9 Actions for the Brown Bear story
Picture 10 Brown Bear story map
Picture 11 Counting
Picture 12 International Children's Day
Picture 13 Shape art
Picture 14 Shape art
Picture 15 Shape art
Picture 16 Exploring 2D shapes
Picture 17 Autumn hunt
Picture 18 Autumn hunt
Picture 19 Number rhymes
Picture 20 Autumn poetry
Picture 21 Going to church
Picture 22 Harvest festival
Picture 23 PE
Picture 24 PE
Picture 25 Reward afternoon
Picture 26 Play reward afternoon in the hall
Picture 27 Mark making and writing
Picture 28 Mark making and writing
Picture 29 Handwriting
Picture 30 Digit dance!
Picture 31 Exploring pattern
Picture 32 Creating patterns
Picture 33 News at 10!
Picture 34 Aliens love underpants!
Picture 35 Ceramic painting
Picture 36 Alien Maths problem solving
Picture 37 Retelling "Jack Frost"
Picture 38 Wrting Jack Frost poetry
Picture 39 Getting ready for the Christmas performance
Picture 40 Early Years Christmas party
Picture 41 Early Years Christmas party
Picture 42 It's Santa!
Picture 43 Having a chat with Santa
Picture 44 Party food!
Picture 45 A thumbs up for the food!
Picture 46 Story telling session
Picture 47 Story telling session
Picture 48 Christmas Big Sing
Picture 49 Making rockets
Picture 50 Science with Miss Steel
Picture 51 Mr Watson explained his job as an optician
Picture 52 Bath bombs!
Picture 53 Gymnastics
Picture 54 Gymnastics
Picture 55 Science poster homework task
Picture 56 Magnet man science
Picture 57 Hitting the gym!
Picture 58 Chinese banquet
Picture 59 Mandarin writing
Picture 60 Acting out the Chinese New Year story
Picture 61 A reading walk round school
Picture 62 Outside art
Picture 63 Chinese New Year dancing
Picture 64 Making super power potions
Picture 65 Writing the ingredients for our potions
Picture 66 Testing out the potions! WOW we can FLY!
Picture 67 Finding out about looking after a baby
Picture 68 The story teller chair
Picture 69 Real word or silly word?
Picture 70 Using i-pads
Picture 71 Building dens
Picture 72 Building dens
Picture 73 A washing line!
Picture 74 If you go down to the woods today...
Picture 75 Forest school
Picture 76 Building dens
Picture 77 Can you blow it down?
Picture 78 GO TEAM!
Picture 79 Mother's Day cards
Picture 80 Remote control cars
Picture 81 Reception's class assembly
Picture 82 Hooray! Chocolate eggs from the Easter Bunny.
Picture 83 Tree climbing
Picture 84 Base camp
Picture 85 A woodlouse
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