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Rewards and Prizes

We enjoy taking part in various kinds of competitions, whether sporting or creative within our own school and against other schools in North Tyneside. Whilst we may not always win, we have a very good try!! 


At the Shiremoor Treat we regularly win the shield for our Art work. Examples of the work are displayed in our school hall, where all year groups produce art work based on themes, such as collage, sketching, or painting based on the interpretation of pieces by famous artists.


As part of our 'Good To Be Green' system, there are special rewards for the children who keep to the Backworth Code and remain on 'Green' cards all week or each Half Term.  Each class has a Marble Jar, there is a weekly raffle, a Half Termly Class Reward, Frog Award Books, a range of certificates and other prizes negotiated with the classteachers.


Sometimes there are ‘Fun Days’ within school, where we may bring in some experts with musical or performing skills and on others we may visit the beach or other local places of interest. We use a number of theatre companies to perform plays in the school hall. Performances have included 'The Snow Queen', 'Aladdin', 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe', 'Jack and Jill in the Forgotten Nursery', 'Sleeping Beauty' and 'Hansel and Gretel'. All the staff and children get really involved in the songs and fun.

Picture 1 One of the Helen Crow Winners 2015
Picture 2 Our budding Actors 2013 in 'The Snow Queen'
Picture 3 Sleeping Beauty
Picture 4 The cast of Aladdin
Picture 5 The Genie and Aladdin in tutus
Picture 6 Lucy finding Narnia through the wardrobe
Picture 7 Lucy in Mr Tumnus' House
Picture 8 Hansel speaks to the old lady
Picture 9 Dancing in Sleeping Beauty
Picture 10 Jack and Jill in the forgotten Nursery
Picture 11 Collage
Picture 12 Interpretation Art Display
Picture 13 Faces Art Display
Picture 14 Colour Art Display
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