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At Backworth Park we take pride in our very good attendance record and we want our parents to work with us to continue to achieve high standards.  Attending school regularly ensures that our children build strong relationships with others and are able to achieve their full potential academically and socially.  Good punctuality is also key to preparing our children for the world of work. 

The Government expectation for pupil's attendance is 96% or better for Reception to Year 6 pupils.  Our expectation is that all of our children will have high attendance, including those in Nursery.  All attendance is monitored rigorously and parents are kept informed about their child's current attendance.  Children are publicly rewarded for achieving excellent attendance across the year. 

Attendance is monitored stringently. 

A child is officially classed as 'Persistently Absent', if their attendance falls below 90%.  Where this is the case, this is closely monitored and legal action is likely to be taken against parents, if there is no immediate improvement.


Notifying school of absences: If a child is going to be absent, parents are expected to inform school by no later than 9.00 a.m.  There is an Answer Service to leave messages; parents are expected to give the reason for the child's absence and when they expect the child to return.   

If you are unsure about whether your child is too ill for school, there is a useful link to the NHS website below. 


Appointments: Non-urgent medical and dental appointments should be arranged for after school.  If time is essential for an appointment during school hours, it is expected that children will attend school before or after this. Parents must request a pass-out from the Office Manager.  


Leave of Absence requests:

Only Headteachers have the right to grant Leave of Absence, and this is reserved for exceptional circumstances; all absences from school should be kept to a minimum.  A Request Form must be completed in advance for all Leave of Absence, including holidays; this must give specific details of why the requested absence is essential.  A child's current and previous attendance is always taken into account when considering all requests.  Parents receive a written response as to whether the request for absence has been granted and authorised by the Headteacher.  Where a child's attendance is already of concern, requests for further absence will not be authorised. Additionally, no requests for absence will be authorised during statutory assessment periods. 


Term dates:

Term dates for the year can be found on the Calendar link on the Home Page.


Attendance Policy

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