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Chair PersonVice ChairpersonChildren from Year 2 to Year 6 select 2 representatives to serve on our School Council. This is a great honour for them and shows that they are respected by their classmates.  The work of the School Council is currently 

co-ordinated by Miss Steel.  The Council generally meets every week on a Tuesday.  Roles and responsibilities have been allocated and we aim to take a very active role, making a positive contribution to school life!  2017/18 is going to be a very exciting year for us!


In 2016/17 we had a very successful year, taking an active part in charity events and STEM week. We worked really hard to improve our outdoor environment, making bird baths and hedgehog hotels!


Minutes from the School Council Meetings 2017-18




Week 1- 12th September 2017


  • Introductions
  • Roles/responsibilities.
  • Task- Action Plan written.
  • School charity discussed and voted.
  • Contact made with our local MP.

Week 2- 19th September 2017


  • 'Reading Helper' poster designed.
  • Discussion about our role in the Harvest Festival assembly.

Week 3- 26th September 2017


  • Plan written for the Harvest Festival assembly.
  • Discussion about who will benefit from our food collection (Bay Food Bank).
  • Discussion about School Council certificates- a handwriting award.


Watch this space during the school year for more details about the work of the School Council. 

Week 4 3rd October 2017


  • Discussion about our Harvest Festival assembly.
  • Discussion about our meeting with Alan Campbell MP.
  • School nomination discussion- weekly certificates to be given out on a Monday. Handwriting focus.

Week 5 10th October​​​​​​


  • Discussion on how we will improve our outdoor area- a swing chair in the Key Stage 1 yard. Aim to provide reading opportunities!

Week 6 17th October


  • Action Plan discussed and added to.
  • Discussion about our role in the Bake-Off.







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We really enjoyed working as a team to contribute to our Harvest Festival assembly. We rearranged the letters of 'Harvest' to make many different words. This proved to be a very fun problem solving activity and the older children helped the younger ones! We plan to take a very active role in future assemblies.


Alan Campbell MP working lunch- We are very excited for our meeting on the 8th of November and are planning lots of questions to ask him. We think that it will be very interesting to find out more about his role as an MP and think that he will really inspire us!

The School Council loved judging the best pumpkin and cakes in the Bake-Off. It was a big responsibility and we took the role very seriously! We were very happy with our winners. Well done to everyone who took part!

Autumn 2


Week 1 31st October

  • Spelling bee discussion. Times table focus, to be planned as a team with Mr Sandy.

Week 2 7th November

  • Script written and questions discussed for our meeting with Alan Campbell MP.
We thoroughly enjoyed our meeting with Alan Campbell on Wednesday 8th November. We learnt so much about what 'democracy' means and what the role of an MP entails. We found Mr Campbell to be very inspiring and he was very happy to answer all of our planned questions. 

Week 2- 8th November

Meeting with MP Alan Campbell.

Week 3- 14th November.

  • Discussion and analysis of the 'Pupil Voice' questionnaires.

Week 4- 21st November

  • Pupil Voice display made.

Week 5- 28th November

  • Discussion about our 'School Nature Grant' application.

Week 6- 5th December

  • STEM week planning.
  • Discussion of our 'Science Selfie' competition.

Week 7- 12th December

  • Maths Bee planning.

Week 8- 19th December

  • Maths Bee with a times table focus for Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 volunteers.


Our very proud Maths Bee winners.

Spring 1

Week 1- 2nd January

  • STEM week planning. Discussion of the School Council's role.

Week 2- 9th January Science Spelling Bee words planned. 


***We are really looking forward to our Science Spelling Bee for Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 volunteers on Tuesday 23rd January! ***


Week 3- 16th January

  • Design of our 'Science Selfie Homework Project' format- whole school. Prizes and budget discussion.
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