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Backworth Park Primary School


School Council


The Board of Backworth meet weekly and membership is made up of representation from each class. Children have been fairly elected by their class peers. This is done on an annual basis. 

The Board of Backworth, their body of representatives and the work that they do, teach our children about democracy and representation. They form a miniature version of Parliament. 

Every year, our school takes part in Parliament Week. The children learn about the structure of government, cast real votes for real and current debates in parliament and ensure that they have an awareness for society's responsibilities as well as the importance of using their voices to stand up for what they believe is right and fair.

Each week the Board of Backworth present certificates to children who have stood out in school for being a real asset to the school community in some way. This develops presentation skills and ensures that our Board of Backworth members are visible and high profile. 

The Board meet weekly with Mrs Huscroft and work through an agenda and action plan that supports our local community, works with charity organisations, improves school and organises in-school events. Our school council supports our core values of: Respect, Resilience, Responsibility.

Year 1ED: Lottie and Reiss

Year 1/2VW: Daisy-Mae and Millie

Year 2BW: Jackson and Saivivaan

Year 3SF: Robyn and Blake

Year 3/4 KM: Duke and Olly

Year 4ED: Thea and Fern

Year 5SK: Sophie and Sammie

Year 5LC: Rayhan and Leo

Year 6KH: Hayden and Joshua

Action Plan 2022 - 2023