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At Backworth Park Primary School we are passionate about the importance of the Early Years Foundation Stage within a child’s school journey. Practitioners within the setting ensure children are provided with a range of exciting opportunities throughout their time in the EYFS. Our Early Years is a happy and engaging place to be where the children enjoying learning through play and develop their personal, social and emotional skills as well as their communication and language skills needed to take them through their whole school career.

We have high aspirations for our children and encourage them to follow their passions.  Within the provision children experience all areas of learning through a play based and engaging curriculum linked to the core texts. Direct teaching is used effectively to develop basic skills in reading, writing and maths. As well as this the children are provided with many opportunities to support them with becoming independent learners. We follow the children’s interests within the provision and encourage them to build upon their own ideas.

Throughout their time in the EYFS the children feel part of the wider school community by for example attending weekly celebration assemblies with the rest of the school. The children enjoy this time and it prepares them for moving into KS1.


We have a love for reading at Backworth Park Primary School and encourage the children to be enthusiastic about reading. As a school we follow the Read Write Inc phonics scheme. Phonics begins towards the end of the summer term in Nursery which focusing on listening skills, for example going on a walk and identifying environment sounds. In Reception the children will have a phonics session each morning focusing on learning initial sounds, blending and also letter formation and handwriting practise. As the children move throughout the scheme they will begin to take reading books home each week.

 We also have a reading for pleasure library called ‘Fairytale Forest’. The children are given the opportunity to choose a book each week to take home and share with their grown-ups. We share stories several times a day in the early years and encourage children to share their favourite books with others. Our Literacy curriculum is based around stories, each half term we have a new focus book. The children get to know this book very well during the half term, we complete lots of activities based around it and have a go at acting out some of the story.

Themed days

To ensure we cover our curriculum in depth we have exciting themed days.

Musical Monday – The children are given the opportunities to sing, listen and appraise different genres of music, dance and have the chance to explore and play a range of instruments.

Tell me a story Tuesday – The children are given a range of opportunities all linked to our focus story for the half term. This includes drawing, writing, crafts, experiments and role play.

World Wednesday – This includes anything that is happening in the world around us at that time. For example, celebrations or events.

Thoughtful Thursday – These sessions focus on the children’s personal, social and emotional development. This includes circle time activities and friendship games.

Fabulous Friday – This includes lots of art and crafts, junk modelling and all things creative.

We love being outdoors in the early years and make sure we spend as much time as possible exploring and learning in our outdoor area.

Our aim is for children to develop a love for learning and to build up a resilient attitude. The children in the early years become confident, enthusiastic and curious learners ready to explore and take on new challenges!