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School Clubs

After School Clubs are also run by staff or through visiting coaches on a Monday evening.  Clubs may be run for certain age-groups, depending on the activity being offered. Numbers are limited for health and safety reasons and are offered on a 'first come, first served' basis.  

Parents are informed of these opportunities by letter. Details will also be posted on this website page.  Children are expected to attend all sessions of Clubs that they have signed up for, unless they are ill, for the entirety of the half term. Parents must inform school if there is any other reason for their child not attending.

Clubs will run on a half termly basis and will change each half term. Please note that clubs will not run through Autumn 2 and Spring 1 due to the dark nights. Some of our older children walk home and we want to ensure their safety during the winter months.


After School Clubs for Academic Year 2021 - 2022


Staff Member

Club/ Age Range


Dismissal Zone

Miss Moran

Choir Y1 - 6


Main Entrance

Mrs Hooper

Forestry Y1/2

Outdoor Exploratory Area

Miss Day’s Classroom

Miss Stewart

*Cooking Y1/2



Miss Hibbard

Eco Warrior Y1 - 6

Miss Hibbard’s Classroom

Miss Hibbard’s Classroom

Miss Day

Netball Y5/6


Year 5/6 Exit rear of school

Miss Armstrong

Change 4 Life Y1 - 4

Yard/ Miss Armstrong’s Classroom

Miss Armstrong’s Classroom

Miss Maddison




Miss Cryer

Archery Y3/4

Lower Yard

Hall (near side)

Miss Bland

Sewing Y5/6

Miss Bland’s Classroom

Year 5/6 Exit rear of school

Mrs Johnson/ Dr Pocock

Stone Carving Y5/6

Mrs Johnson’s Classroom

Year 5/6 Exit rear of school

Mr Hughes

Football Y5/6


Year 5/6 Exit rear of school

Miss Wood

Lego League Y5/6

ICT Suite

Year 5/6 Exit rear of school