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Assessment at Backworth Park Primary School


Assessment is an on-going process throughout a child's school life, combining both teacher assessment of a child's skills and test outcomes at appropriate key points. Assessment is a part of every day classroom activities, where learning intentions are shared with children within lessons. 

In the Summer Term, Year 1 children are assessed on the Phonic Screening Check to determine whether they have met the expected standard.

From this academic year, Year 2 SAT tests are optional for schools.

In Year 4, children will take a Multiplication Tables Check to assess their times tables knowledge. This is completed in school, electronically. 

Year 6 children sit externally-set written SAT tests in Reading, Mathematics and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPaS). Writing and Science are teacher assessed.  These papers are sent away for external marking.  Marks are converted into Scaled Scores, with 100 being the expected standard to attain.

At the end of Reception, children's development continues to be assessed against the Early Years Foundation Stage descriptors and outcomes across 17 areas of learning.

Assessment Overview

Children in Years 2 and 6 also sit the National Curriculum SAT Tests towards the end of the academic year.  Please follow this link for further information.