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Backworth Park Primary School


Parental Involvement

Working with parents is crucial if children are to be the best they can be. We will involve parents in different ways during the course of the year and we would be delighted if you would be able to attend any of the events offered.


Parent Concerns

In the first instance, your child's teacher is the person who knows your child best and, therefore, if you have any queries or concerns, please arrange to see the class teacher at a mutually convenient time. It is not possible for parents to speak to teachers at class handover times as the teacher must first and foremost safeguard all children.

If you have raised an issue with the class teacher but still have concerns, please arrange an appointment with a member of our Senior Leadership Team - Mrs Padden, Mrs Willcocks, Mrs Duckworth, Mr Kealoha or Mr Hughes.  If you remain concerned, please then arrange to speak to Ms ElSaghier, our Deputy Headteacher. If you still do not feel that the situation has been resolved at this point, then you can arrange to meet with Miss Welsh. Please see below the school Communication Policy. 


Parent/ Teacher Interviews

As a parent, you are welcome to arrange a meeting about your child at any time. We will also offer an opportunity to meet with your child's teacher to discuss their progress. These meetings will be held after school but, if these times are inconvenient to you, please contact the school office to arrange an appointment at a suitable time. We can also arrange telephone appointments.


Learning Assemblies

Each class will carry out a performance so that parents can have an overview of their child's learning. This also ensures that children develop confidence in themselves so that, as adults, if required to do presentations, they will have had plenty of opportunity to practise public speaking. Parents and carers will also have a chance to look at the children’s books. This is a chance for children to discuss their work with you and for you to see their areas of strength. It is also an opportunity to see any errors that they are making, so that you could support with any misconceptions at home.


Christmas Performances

As a school, we are passionate about children having chance to orate. Each year group will be involved in putting together a festive performance.



This is a means of communicating with parents. We will share any key events in school and communicate any matters arising. 



We will host a STEM week in school, where you will be invited to learn alongside your child through science, technology, engineering and mechanical activities. A online safety briefing will also take place. 


Curriculum Meetings

You will have an opportunity to attend a range of curriculum meetings over the course of the academic year. Teaching staff will explain to you the aims of curriculum and the way that the curriculum is taught. Knowledge Organisers are sent home with your child, for each curriculum area, so you can have an oversight of the vocabulary and concepts taught, as well as to consolidate learning at home. 



MarvellousMe is used in school to award badges to children and praise them for their progress and success, reinforcing values, positive behaviours and wellbeing actions. MarvellousMe pings parents the good news, inspiring them to say ‘Well done’ to their child after school. 


Boom Reader 

BoomReader is our online, digital reading record. This means no log is ever lost or wasted. Your child's record builds over time and provides a full, meaningful picture of their reading all the way through school. It also avoids reading diaries being damaged, left at home or lost completely. 


Leavers Production

In the summer, we bid a sad farewell to our Year 6 children as they prepare for transition to high school. The children enjoy exploring the performing arts after SATs and put on an unforgettable show to end their primary school journey. 


Rocksteady Concerts 

Every term, we host a gig style rock concert, where our Rocksteady bands put on a music festival. They perform to the whole school first and then to the parents and carers of the children who are involved in Rocksteady. Be prepared to rock out!


Sports Day

Every year, parents and carers are invited to attend Sports Day, where the children take part in fun, competitive activities. This takes place in the summer and on the school field, where we always hope for good weather. The children hold a 'Mini Enterprise' too, where the children price and cost out materials needed to make small items, such as key rings or magnet, which they can then purchase. This is a not-for-profit exercise and enables the children to learn about business skills. 


Parents are asked to complete questionnaires, which provides feedback to school. We thank you in advance for taking the time to complete any questionnaires which are sent home.