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Designated Safeguarding Lead - Miss L Welsh

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - Ms L ElSaghier

Welcome to Backworth Park Primary School! 


Welcome to Backworth Park Primary School!

We are housed in a new, beautiful building, opened on 10th October 2018 by the Rt. Hon Alan Campbell, MP, and the Duke of Northumberland along with other ambassadors for our school. 

Along with our new build, we have a largely new staff team and many new resources and opportunities meaning that the 'Requires Improvement' judgement given during our last OFSTED visit no longer reflects the reality of this school. This academic year, we have strengthened our Senior Leadership Team, which now include Mr Hughes and Miss Day, responsible for key areas across school.

Our results for academic year 2018/ 2019 were largely above national across the board and, where they were not well above, they were in line with national for all phases of education. Last academic year, our results were expected to have bettered the previous academic year, but due to Covid-19, statutory testing was cancelled. 

Our Governors and staff team are working tirelessly to ensure that all children receive strong teaching and learning opportunities in all basic skills and that they also receive a broad and balanced curriculum. Our new building supports us in doing this by providing plenty of space for education both indoors and outdoors. We are the only primary school locally with a dance studio.

High standards of behaviour are extremely important to us and we all learn our school rules and work towards our 'Consistent Good Behaviour' awards each half-term. These are cumulative and lead to becoming a ‘Behaviour Champion’ if our children receive all six awards throughout the year. We feel very proud of our calm learning environment and we recognise the part we all have to play in this. In addition, children work towards 'Respect, Resilience and Responsibility' awards, which are linked directly to our personal development values. 

Children are very clear about the fact that we attend school to prepare us for our futures in the world of work and they like to attend school daily so that they do not miss out on any learning time. They can collect Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for attendance over the year. Children now take great pride in any opportunities they have to be the very best they can be and to support school as ambassadors. For example, Year 5 and 6 love to meet visitors and show off our school.

 We always value the views of parents about how our school community works and encourage parents to respond to any surveys that we send out and to attend all of the events we offer. Parents are asked their opinions on a number of themes, such as the quality of teaching and learning, pupil behaviour and well-being, the information they receive from school and how the school is led and managed. We hold regular parent curriculum meetings and have recently asked a working party to consider our new RSE curriculum and approve policies associated with it. 

The views of our pupils regarding their school experiences are also taken into account, both informally and formally through Class School Council Representatives and surveys.  Our School Council, 'The Board of Backworth', are an active committee, who are driving forward various agendas around community, environment and care for others.

If parents or members of the public have any general questions regarding our school, they are very welcome to contact us and speak a member of staff in the office, myself, The Headteacher or Ms ElSaghier, Deputy Headteacher.  Should you have any queries regarding Special Educational Needs, please speak to Ms ElSaghier, our school SENCO. We would also be happy to arrange a visit to the school so that we can show you our school in action * and answer any further questions about our work. If you require any of the information found on our website, paper copies are available free of charge by request at the office.  Please do get in touch!


We look forward to hearing from you.


Miss L Welsh


Ms L ElSaghier

Deputy Headteacher


* Please note, there are exceptional arrangements in place in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have changed some policies and procedures to reflect the guidance in place for schools and workplaces. 

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